About Me

I have always been fascinated by the sight of little cottages and bungalows with impeccably maintained gardens in front of them, right from my childhood. I had always dreamt of having a garden in front of my house. Hence, once I grew up, and I owned a house, I planned all the way to have a garden of my own. That was the start and now I have a wonderful garden in front of my little house, and I am really happy for it and proud about it.

By the way, this is Martha. Frankly speaking I have done every bit of thing that I needed to bring up my garden and I am really satisfied that I have done it rightly. It takes a lot to maintain the garden all right, but at the end of the day I am satisfied that I have a piece of pure, raw nature with me and that is the satisfaction that drives me ahead!

That is why, I would like to share this satisfaction with everyone around. Gardening is not just a hobby that will keep you happy at the end of the day. It is something that will let you get attached with Mother Nature. It is something that will give you chance to interact with plants and soil, and every other aspect of nature in their own ways. That will give you a thrust that you badly need to lead a happy and meaningful life.

Hence, here I am, sharing the various aspects of gardening and its technicalities with you in details so that those of you who have the knack of gardening can get some help from me, and those who have not given it a thought can actually toy with the idea of starting off.

If even one of my readers is inspired by my blogs or is benefitted by them while going for gardening, I will consider myself lucky.

I have always considered that we need to have a piece of nature around us for happy living and I would like you to feel the same way. Hence, go for gardening – now and today! Do whatever it takes to grow plants and foliage and contribute to the greenery that we badly need to reduce the greenhouse effect and put a hold to the global warming that is already taking its toll on this planet. Grow flower, grow plants and grow greenery. Make sure that your garden becomes the home to birds and butterflies, wasps and other life forms that add to the pollination and contribute to the spread of greenery.

There are many aspects of gardening. Some are elementary while the others are quite intricate. However, I will keep on writing the post at regular intervals so that I can cover all the various aspects of gardening in a more or less detailed manner. They are and will be written in lay man’s language and style so that those who have just started off can quickly come in terms of the ins and outs of gardening and various aspects of the same.