Benefits of Having Gardening as a Hobby

They say that you need to have a hobby or two to be healthy – mentally as well as physically. How right they are! The present state of affairs in our daily life tend to take the hell out of our soul, leaving us only in a virtual vegetative state, albeit with a lifeless soul with striking similarities with a machine. That is why having a hobby comes as a fresh bout of air for the mind, body and spirit, and when it comes to gardening, it is really one of the healthiest refreshments as it has everything to do with nature and greenery and other colors that Mother Nature has in her offing for us! Believe me, I have stopped aging mentally since I took it up as my pastime and hobby, and I am only getting younger and younger. Frankly speaking, a couple of hours in my backyard garden in the morning and in the afternoon leave me utterly refreshed. Believe me, gardening as a hobby comes up with a string of benefits for you, as it has for me.

  • It creates a positive impact on health

I had an uncanny propensity of suffering from lethargy before, but this hobby of gardening has changed me. Believe me, it has the same effect as doing physical exercise as it burns calories, and keeps you healthy – physically and mentally. When gardening, I conduct activities likes mowing my backyard, trimming the plants and getting rid of the unwanted shrubs and weeds, cleaning the pots and planting seedlings and plants, watering them, and taking close look and getting rid of weeds and the likes. Now all these activities need a fair amount of physical mobility, which in turn helps be to burn calories that at the end of the day helps me to stay fit.

In fact, the calorie I burn on a daily basis is equivalent to running or jogging for about 30 minutes or so. My doctor said that gardening burns more calories than cycling or even at times it is as beneficial as spending times in gyms, for which you will have to bear a healthy amount of expense.   Besides, if you are a man and you have sexual problems like impotency and erectile dysfunction, gardening can be of immense benefit.

  • It helps reduce the level of stress and strain

Stress and strain are something that everyone should be suffering from, until and unless a person is an absolute lazy moron with no responsibility and nothing to do on this planet. I do have a lot of stress, but the thing is that ever since I took up gardening, I have learnt to cope up with it, and live with it. Truly, gardening is a fantastic stress buster. Truly, it reduces the stress level by a significant extent. It can be a welcome relief to spend some time with nature amidst the fragrance of wet clay, leaves, flowers and the likes, which collectively work like a magic wand, fending off the pain and frustration, stress and strain that you accumulate in your mind all along the day. This happens in my case, and I am sure everyone will experience the same. Taking care of plants and tender handling of them will impart a sense of bondage between you and the nature and also help grow a sense of affection in you, which will come in handy while taking care of your family members, thus improving your relation with your friends and family as well. Gardening has helped me to grow patience. Often, I wait, watching for plants to germinate and flower buds to grow to full bloom. Watching that is not only an unexplainable ecstasy itself, but it also imparts the sense of having patience when waiting for something to happen. It has happened in my case and I am sure this will do the same for you all as well.

Besides, I am sure gardening also helps cure a wide range of illness as proximity to nature and presence of the person amidst nature will help people recover faster than from the confinement of a hospital. This especially comes true in case of the ones recovering from a long period of illness.