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The Planting Season and What Goes Into It

Hi there all you green fingers! Okay, so some of you don’t have green fingers yet, so this series of articles is designed to get you all in the mood and to help motivate you to get down and nicely dirty in your backyard, or in front of your porch. It is hoped that this modest contribution will have seen to it that all of you reading this will seriously but fabulously have green fingers by the time the planting season, your first of many, has come and gone.

Just to get you into a really juicy mood for organic gardening, we’re going to give you an interesting fact or two on the processes of organic gardening. For a bit of a natural sweetener, we thought we’d do this by showing how successful beekeeping starts with a little help from your bees and plants. It shows why it’s good to have some bees in your garden anyhow. Let’s get talking about it then.

Just like the birds, the bees end up pollinating your organic garden. It’s a two-way street guys. You need them bees and them bees need you. Keep your organic garden shipshape and neat and tidy and spare no bones about keeping pesticides and other harmful pests like rats out of your yard. The bees are already doing their bit. They need to get out of their hives to collect some nectar from your lovely sunflower plants.

Top 7 Winter Bedding Plants

When it comes to plant out the winter bedding plants, autumn is the perfect time. I have learned this through my experience and that is what I would like to share with you. Winter bedding plants are often also called spring beddings or even autumn bedding plants. No matter in what way you call them, here are some of the most widely planted winter bedding plants that will be really a treat to watch in your garden all throughout the upcoming winter and spring.

However, before I talk about the plants, let me tell you something about the planting techniques. Try planting the winter bedding plants in the borders, beds, window boxes, containers or the hanging baskets. These places will see a riot of colors when the flowers will be in full bloom. Here are the plants for you.


This is regarded as one of the stalwarts in the world of winter bedding flowers. Pansy plants are extremely versatile and generally bloom for a longer period of time than many other winter flowers. They are in full bloom right from autumn throughout winter till the end of spring, and even at times till the start of summer, provided that the start is mild. The pansies indeed provide the much needed fillip via its welcome splash of color in the beds and borders, windows boxes and containers where they can be grown. They come up in many colors such as white, yellow, red, blue, orange, and purple. You need to grow them in sun and in places that are partially shaded and you need to dead-head or remove the dead flowers from the plant on a regular basis to ensure relentless flowering on a continuous basis.

Simple Tips That Can Make You a Wonderful Gardener

I personally find gardening as one of the healthiest and noblest hobbies, wherein you not only fulfill your wishes and make yourself comfortable, but you also spend a considerable amount of time in nature, cementing the bondage between you and Mother Nature, which benefits both the parties at the end of the day. I like gardening, as this is my hobby, and I would like that others grow this hobby as well, as this is to my opinion the best way to stay well. Here are some of the tips that will help you to start off with this fantastic hobby that will seal your bondage with Mother Nature and help you stay fresh, even if you have had a hectic, tiring day.

  • Check the soil and opt for the most suitable plants

The first and foremost step that you need to take is checking the type of soil the site of your garden has. Check whether it is light and sandy, or heavy or rich in clay. The type of plants you need to opt for should strictly depend upon the type of soil. In case you are opting to garden in your backyard, you need to keep an eye on the type of plants your neighbors are growing, for the type of soil in your neighborhood will not vary from that of the backyard of your own house.

Benefits of Having Gardening as a Hobby

They say that you need to have a hobby or two to be healthy – mentally as well as physically. How right they are! The present state of affairs in our daily life tend to take the hell out of our soul, leaving us only in a virtual vegetative state, albeit with a lifeless soul with striking similarities with a machine. That is why having a hobby comes as a fresh bout of air for the mind, body and spirit, and when it comes to gardening, it is really one of the healthiest refreshments as it has everything to do with nature and greenery and other colors that Mother Nature has in her offing for us! Believe me, I have stopped aging mentally since I took it up as my pastime and hobby, and I am only getting younger and younger. Frankly speaking, a couple of hours in my backyard garden in the morning and in the afternoon leave me utterly refreshed. Believe me, gardening as a hobby comes up with a string of benefits for you, as it has for me.

  • It creates a positive impact on health

I had an uncanny propensity of suffering from lethargy before, but this hobby of gardening has changed me. Believe me, it has the same effect as doing physical exercise as it burns calories, and keeps you healthy – physically and mentally. When gardening, I conduct activities likes mowing my backyard, trimming the plants and getting rid of the unwanted shrubs and weeds, cleaning the pots and planting seedlings and plants, watering them, and taking close look and getting rid of weeds and the likes. Now all these activities need a fair amount of physical mobility, which in turn helps be to burn calories that at the end of the day helps me to stay fit.