How to Improve the Quality of Soil in Your Garden

Soil is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of a garden – of any garden. Hence, before doing anything in your garden you need to take utmost care of the soil of your garden. Remember, the soil in your garden or your locality is the best important as well as valuable resource, which needs to be taken care of – regularly. How to do that? Here are some ways from me for your perusal.

Add organic matters to the soil

Adding organic substances of various kinds will go a long way in improving the soil structure of your garden. Organic substances, quite frankly is the most vital component of the structure of soil as it provides the food and the nutrients that are needed by the essential microorganisms as well as the produces that you grow.  You need to keep in mind that with the passage of each season and with the death and removal of each leaf, the capacity of the soil to produce healthy plants and foliage gets depleted. Here is where you need to take care of the soil and add organic matters as that will help the soil maintain its water and nutrient retention capabilities. As water in the form of moisture is retained by minute cavities between the soil particles, adding organic matters will always make the difference.

Dig the soil twice

You need to dig the soil twice for the best results. This is indeed a hard and tedious work, and you need to take utmost care to do so, so that its effects last for quite a few years. What are the steps to double dig the soil? Here are they:-

  • Firstly, mark the area that you have decided to dig
  • Secondly, you need to dig a trench of the depth of a shovel and with a width of two to three shovels so much so that you carry the soil up to the far end of the area.
  • Now, with the use of a fork, you need to break up the trench base and pour in enough sand mixed with organic matter.
  • Then dig further two to four shovel’s width of fresh topsoil. Place fresh topsoil, adding some more organic matter along with sand.

Add course sand

Drainage is the next thing that should earn your attention. You will surely not want water to stand still near the roots of the plants and other foliage as that will invariably bring in disaster. For that you need to add clay soil or soggy soil along with coarse sand, as that will improve the drainage by minimizing the capacity of the soil to hold back moisture.

Besides all these you also need to do a great deal about composts. You need to choose and prepare the compost of your soil for at least one year. You need to prepare it in such a way that it is big enough to hold back all the waste of your garden for minimum one year if not more.