Perennial Plants for the Start-up Garden

Hey there all you green fingers! It’s time to get planting again. Come on guys, down on your dirty knees and hands, all soiled green and brown by now. Okay, that part was easy. If you’re reading this now, you’re motivated and excited. You’re really into this green gardening thing. We’re really happy for you because there’s nothing better than gardening to contribute towards you all creating an organic and sustainable life that’s not only good for you and your family, but good for your neighbors and even your city folk too.

We’re also here to tell you that now is not the time to give up. Yes, some of you guys are going to find all this physical and emotionally draining gardening stuff to be really tough, so much so that you may want to chuck it all up. One of the usual reasons for novice gardeners giving up so easily is because they’re doing some of the things wrong. They’re not planting the right plants either. It depends a lot on your natural surroundings and your area’s climate.

Is it too hot and dry, or do you guys get a lot of rain in your area, those sorts of things. Because we’re mainly here to motivate you and give you a push and a shove whenever you need it, we’d like to remind you that when the going gets tough, well, can you complete that positive statement, well, alright then, the tough get going. If you’ve got green fingers, you must be tough. Part of the problem of an unsuccessful first-time gardening campaign, is not planting the right plants.

We’d like to remind you then, especially those of you are who are seeing your plants wilt or shrivel up and dry up completely, that what your soil and garden needs are perennial plants.  Especially for those of you who are completely new to gardening, it’s our job to explain to you all what this basically means. To have perennial plants in your garden means that they’ll be growing and flourishing all year round. Yes, that’s right folks; perennial means all of the time, more or less.

Have you heard about that poem that says ‘things fall apart’? It has another phrase that says; the center cannot hold. Try and look up those lines on the internet if you can. It’s well worth a read. Most people are thinking about today’s politics when they read the famous poem which was set around the First World War. Not you and us, we’re thinking of green gardening, right. And now some of you are thinking; what does this famous poem have to do with organic gardening and perennial plants and all that type of stuff.

But guys think about this for a second. Think about where we are in the world today. While most people are thinking about wars and politics and where to find money for food and such things, they have understandably forgotten the bigger picture. History has shown that we can survive wars and famines. Somehow we can all pull ourselves together and learn from our mistakes. If only the politicians could, hey.

Not us green gardeners. We’ve got the bigger picture in mind. Without perennial plants about, it can be in the wet Northern Hemisphere or the much drier Southern Hemisphere; we may as well call it a day. Even if it’s just in your little yard, think of perennial plants as your green lung. As dry as things are in some places, these plants can withstand long periods without water and still grow. We need them for our oxygen.