Taking Care of Your Garden During the Fall

As the fall sets in, it marks the arrival of autumn with the winter following just behind it. This is the time of the year where you need to pull up your socks and make your garden ready for the hard days ahead. It should make you start thinking about the lawn of your garden. With the arrival of autumn the mercury rapidly runs down and with occasional downpour, it gets even cooler, setting the perfect time for you to prepare your garden and its lawn.

I have seen a handful of homeowners who have a wrong perception that there is simply no need to turn attention towards the lawn of their garden during the fall as the grass does not grow as rapidly as the plants. This is absolutely wrong as during this time, just like the plant and other foliage, grass also keeps in absorbing all the energy, nutrients and moisture to prepare itself for the long, cold days ahead. Hence they keep in growing rapidly. So what are the steps that you can take? Here they are:

Mow regularly

You need to continue watering and mowing your lawn as and when you need, all throughout the fall days. Then, as and when the winter approaches and sets in you need to change the blade of your mower to the lowest point and go for two more mowing sessions. This will allow more sunlight to creep in to the soil through the grass. This will drastically reduce the amount of leaf turning brown due to lack of sunlight once the winter sets in completely. I would suggest you to set the blade settings in such a way that does not trim off more than one third of the blades of the grass one at a time.

Ventilate the soil of your garden

Another thing that you need to do during fall is aerating the soil. This is an imperative task because water, oxygen, and the fertilizers are able to get to the root of the grass without any hindrance. There are different types of soil aerators available in the market and you can easily opt for the one that you will find apt for your garden.

Gather the fallen leaves

Fall is the time when you will find fallen leaves scattered on your entire garden that otherwise remains clean and tidy. I know raking leavings from every nook and cranny of your garden is certain not fun and is indeed a highly daunting task. However, you need to take up this trouble if you are to save the lawn or your grass from diseases. That is why you need to rake leaves regularly and at least twice a day – in the morning and once in the evening.  Otherwise, the fallen leaves that are left to decay will drench in rain and dew and will decompose, stick together and form an impenetrable, natural mat. This mat, if not removed will stop air and sunlight getting in contact with the grass, thereby suffocating them and make them prone to different types of fungal diseases.