The Best Ways to Conserve Water for Your Garden

Conserving water is one of the most imperative aspects of garden. This has to be done if you are to excel in the art of gardening. This is not only your duty not to use water abundantly and spoil it, but this is needed so that you never have water scarcity, which is the last thing you should encounter. There are a number of ways in which you can conserve water. However, here I shall discuss the ones that I have practiced days in and days out.

Hold Water in Water Pots; Carry Out Gardening in the Morning

It is widely believed that it is best to water the plants during the day or in the morning, as this always has a noteworthy effect on the plants so far as their growth is concerned. However, my point is that you need to make sure that after you water the plant, you are able to preserve it for a considerable period of time, as you do not have to channelize too much of water for this purpose. This is more evident if you are staying somewhere that is infamous for scarcity of water. The best way to do that is to use pots that are made up materials that have a high moisture retention capacity. That means, you need to make sure that the plants do not dry out quickly simply because all the water that you have poured have simply drained out of the pot.

Do Not Water at the Evening

I think here it will not be that inappropriate to mention that it is best not to water during the evening time, more so when it comes to watering the foliage. Let me tell you the reason. This is because the temperature at night drops significantly, and becomes insufficient enough for absorbing the moisture on the leaves. This may subsequently attract pathogens.

Install a Tank to Preserve Rain Water

Do not waste rain water and allow it to drain out. You need to preserve this water and for that it is best to install a tank or reservoir on the roof that will hold back the rain water. You can direct it to use it for the garden by slim lining the reservoir with the water harvesting system for your garden. This is one of the best ways to preserve water.

Preserve the Water You Use for Cooking

You need a lot of water for cooking and various other kitchen activities like washing vegetables and other works. Do not let that water drain down the exhaust pipe of your washing sink. Remember that the water you use to wash or boil vegetables and other edibles are full of various types of nutrients. Hence, once that water is cooled after boiling, it is a fantastic fertilizer for your plants that you can get free of cost and can successfully use for watering the plants.

Thus, there are a number of ways in which you can conserve water and still use it for your garden in the best and the most effective way.