The Importance of Bees and Birds in Your Garden

Hey there! Have you been enjoying yourself with us? We reckon that if you’re reading this article today, you must be. You’re really getting into the swing of things, sleeves all nicely rolled up like and ready for the next gardening shift. Awesome, guys! We also reckon that if you’re really this much into your gardening, you really must love nature. And if that’s the case, well, strictly speaking, you love flora and fauna.

Flora, that’s an easy one to figure out, is the plants, trees and flowers in your garden. We hope you’ve got some of those sprouting up by now. Now, this is for those of you who are still struggling to get into the green swing of things. It’s going to be encouraging for you anyhow. Just remember, that if you love plants, you must love animals too. The two go well together. Especially the birds and the bees. No, we’re not here to give you that talk.

There’s other places to go for that. There’s moms and dads for that too. No, what we’re about to motivate to you is the importance of bees and birds in your garden. If you really want your garden, its perennials notwithstanding, to flourish, you’re going to need these creatures. But what’s really awesome about this is getting them into your garden is sweet and easy, just so long as you’re following your tips and tricks on how to successfully start up your garden and monitor how the planting season must come and go.

The thing is this, birds and bees love gardens. When birds and bees migrate from one continent to the next, yep, as small as they are, they sure can fly long distances, that’s the first thing they look out for. They’re looking for a nice garden in which to make their home for the spring and maybe even the summer. If you fancy learning about successful beekeeping, you’ll also learn that there’s many hardy bee species that will be more than happy to stay in your garden during the winter months, even if it’s pouring with rain.

That’s another thing. You know the saying; as busy as a bee. These black and yellow little guys, so many of them, have so much to keep themselves busy with during the cold, wet months. Their biggest jobs, of course, include looking after their mother, the queen bee, and making sure all their honey is safe and sound. You see, these guys were so hardworking and clued up during the spring and summer months that they’ve stored up more than enough honey to last them through those winter months.

But their successful hard work would not have been possible if it wasn’t for your nice, organic garden. And let’s face it; now that these hardworking guys are here, you also get to see the fruits of their labors. You see it more about the birds in the branches of your trees. Try and take a peek next time when you’re not so preoccupied with rooting out weeds or rushing to get ready for work in the morning. In fact, this wondrous observance is best done at the crack of dawn.

Try and get up as early as possible, but do try and be as quiet as a mouse when you head into your garden with your freshly brewed cup of organic and caffeine-free coffee. As much as they love you, these small little birds still have a habit of being startled. That’s the nature of things with so many cruel neighbors about too eager to chase the birds away. Watch quietly and carefully how these little birds flit from one branch to the next.

Watch how they joyously and noisily go about collecting food for their young ones. And when their work is all done for the morning, watch how they make love to each other in a birds and bees sort of way.