Top 7 Winter Bedding Plants

When it comes to plant out the winter bedding plants, autumn is the perfect time. I have learned this through my experience and that is what I would like to share with you. Winter bedding plants are often also called spring beddings or even autumn bedding plants. No matter in what way you call them, here are some of the most widely planted winter bedding plants that will be really a treat to watch in your garden all throughout the upcoming winter and spring.

However, before I talk about the plants, let me tell you something about the planting techniques. Try planting the winter bedding plants in the borders, beds, window boxes, containers or the hanging baskets. These places will see a riot of colors when the flowers will be in full bloom. Here are the plants for you.


This is regarded as one of the stalwarts in the world of winter bedding flowers. Pansy plants are extremely versatile and generally bloom for a longer period of time than many other winter flowers. They are in full bloom right from autumn throughout winter till the end of spring, and even at times till the start of summer, provided that the start is mild. The pansies indeed provide the much needed fillip via its welcome splash of color in the beds and borders, windows boxes and containers where they can be grown. They come up in many colors such as white, yellow, red, blue, orange, and purple. You need to grow them in sun and in places that are partially shaded and you need to dead-head or remove the dead flowers from the plant on a regular basis to ensure relentless flowering on a continuous basis.


Violas are a bit smaller than the Pansies. Plants of Viola often offer loads of dainty flowers when grown neatly and in a compact way. These flowers come up in various forms like Viola Sweeties or trailing violas, which is the best and the most perfect variety when it comes to decorating the winter handing baskets. There are a few varieties of violas, which come up with a sweetish fragrance as well.


This is one of the most well loved and hugely accepted cottage garden bedding plants. Thanks to the modern breeding techniques, Primroses are now available in a wide gamut of attractive colors, sizes and much better flowering patterns. Primroses are originally meant to bloom during Spring for a brief period of time, after the innovation of new techniques and improvisation, the modern varieties remain in full bloom throughout the winters as well as springs. They are found best in rosettes from mid-winter till the end of spring. I have tried these pretty hardy perennial bedding plants in borders and beds, containers and window boxes and have succeeded. You can do the same and make your garden gleam and sparkle during the murky, chilly winter months.


Polyanthus is another widely adored winter bedding tree, which is compact and bright. This particular variety of winter bedding flowers generally bloom in umbels on the top of short and stocky, sturdy steps and twigs. They are extremely colorful and are long lasting, and are indeed one of the best winter bedding plants for borders and beds, containers and winter boxes. A few variety of the Polyanthus come up with a fragrant display as well.


Wallflower is famous and well known for their sweet spring fragrance. They are particularly adorable and perfect for those with cottage garden, simple because they have a relatively more relaxed and lenient blooming habit than the other winter bedding plants. Traditionally, these are planted during autumn for flowers that bloom during the following spring, though due to application of improved techniques and technologies, these are now available all throughout the winter as well. This plant has a knack of coping up even with the poorest form of soils. These plants are best suited for beds, containers, window boxes, and the likes for a long lasting display that is pregnant with joyous fragrance.

Sweet William

This is another very much adored cottage-garden favorite variety, which is famous for its wonderful fragrance. They are borne on tough and upright stems, and this makes them ideal subject for cutting. These are generally perennials with a short life span and are chiefly grown as biennials and are planted in autumn. They bloom from mid winter till end of spring. They are ideal for bed, containers and borders.  One of the varieties come up with a vibrant combination of red, pink, white and purple and thus it is a perfect choice for bedding during late spring.


This is a well known bedding plant that is perfectly suited for winter. This neat and upright variety produces large, strongly fragrant, ruffled flowers, which will sparkle in your garden from mid winter, all through the spring, till mid-summer. During the winter, it comes up with a rosette of leaves. Stock plants then come up as and when the spring approaches and the climate gets warmer, really are a treat to watch, particularly when planted in large volume through beds and borders, or in containers along the patio. They come up in a plethora of pastel colors, and look great, more so after a neat and thorough cutting. They will fill your garden and your house with a sweet and delicious fragrance that will last at least a week or so.